Been there, blogged that!

Fortunately for me, I’ve been to more places than I’ve blogged. Or perhaps this is unfortunate, as I don’t have this record of those other places I traveled to before discovering the world of blogging. Either way, here’s a list of the places I’ve blogged:

Places I’ve been and NOT blogged [yet?]:

  • Cambodia
  • Thailand
  • Laos
  • Vietnam
  • Iran
  • Turkey [the first time around]
  • Syria
  • Lebanon
  • Jordan
  • Egypt
  • India
  • Indonesia

Who knows? Maybe I’ll get around to them…one day…


One response to “Been there, blogged that!

  1. hmm, perhaps a little harsh on bratislava. just because justice can be done to bratislava in an afternoon doesnt make it so awful does it?? the old town may be small but it does have some wonderfully charming buildings, maybe not your thing. we really liked it, sure it’s small but it’s got some really cute streets and underground bars. the nightlife is actually pretty good although it is very hidden.

    to be honest vienna has the reputation of being boring. did you meet any locals, slovaks are really fun!! we found austrians basically have trouble smiling or holding a conversation. each to their own i guess.

    btw the little match girl was inspired by the ruins of devin castle not bratislava itself, but anyway.

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