Mirror Mazes, Metro Museums, Kunstkamera and More Arcade Games

St Petersburg-7

St Petersburg Soviet Arcade Games Museum

We’d thoroughly enjoyed the Soviet Arcade Games Museum in Moscow and so at John’s insistence we visited their St Petersburg location.

It wasn’t a good as the Moscow one. Not by a longshot. Half the machines didn’t work and it just wasn’t as much fun. We actually struggled to use up all our coins – something we definitely didn’t have a problem with the first time round. Moscow was a hit, St Petersburg a miss.

games-1 games-2

And despite my attempts to build up some karma points, I’m still waiting for the good to hit me back. Someone left their nice new iPhone 5 on a game and rather that go ‘brilliant, I can get rid of my shitty old 3GS that I threaten to smash every day], I handed it in to the ticket desk. I can’t guarantee it found its way back to its owner, but at least it wasn’t on my conscience. Still, I regretted my good deed on several occasions.

Maze of Fear and the Mirror Maze

We did get talked into another goofy attraction though. Two, in fact. The first was the ‘Maze of Fear’ that we had to navigate in pitch dark. It was pretty lame, but I still grabbed John when the guy jumped in front of us in a costume. They had a second part to their little building though, and that part was fun.

It was a mirror maze. I’d never been in a mirror maze before. We were handed dorky plastic gloves so that we wouldn’t leave handprints all over the mirror and were led inside. It was all green and bright and I hadn’t anticipated that it actually would be a little challenging. It was also hard to hide in. I tried, I really did, but those sneaky mirrors kept giving me away.

St Petersburg-4 St Petersburg-6 St Petersburg-5 St Petersburg-8 St Petersburg-9

It was fun. I hadn’t really anticipated that either. I thought it would just be lame, and sure it was a little. But it made us both smile. Overpriced, yes. Silly, yes. But fun? Also yes.

Metro Museum

John’s love for trains had led him to yet ANOTHER train museum – this one about the metro system in St Petersburg. We took the metro there of course. It was quite a small museum and getting in was a little odd – we had to call security and have someone take us in to the free museum.

trainmuseum-1 trainmuseum-2

Weird. Still, it had a good range of exhibits about the metro system in St Petersburg as well as those in New York and London. John even got to pretend to drive an old train!


The last museum I’ll talk about, which disappointingly I don’t have any pictures of, is the famous Kunstkamera of Peter the Great. While the bulk of the museum houses a huge ethnographic and anthropological collection, the part that everyone really goes to see is the Anatomical Collection. This part of the museum houses a fairly sizeable collection of grotesquely deformed babies, malformed fetuses, human organs, other body parts, and some deformed taxidermied animals. It’s probably not for the faint hearted and I can understand why photography is banned here. Each exhibit had information about the medical condition causing the deformity or the disease suffered by the owner of the organ or body part. I’ve seen a fair few museums with this type of collection, and find them quite fascinating.


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