Back in the USSR… Hello Soviet Kitsch!


We’d been handed some flyers touting the USSR Museum, and it was also briefly mentioned in our Trans-Siberian guidebook. It sounded kitsch and fun, and so we hopped on the metro to go to VDNKh Station and walked from there to the All Russia Exhibition Centre.

The exhibition centre was a big surprise – it’s a huge complex that seems to have a semi-permanent mini fun park with inflatable dodgem cars and bouncy castles and show bags, as well as a wide array of museums. We found our way to the building we wanted, the big red car out the front confirming we were in the right place. 250 rubles each and we were inside.

CCCP Museum-15

The USSR Museum is the only museum in Russia dedicated to everyday life in the Soviet period, and it’s packed with a fascinating collection of items – all of which you can pick up and play with. It’s all about immersing yourself in the museum and enjoying it, a nostalgic place for many who grew up in the Soviet Union.

CCCP Museum-4 CCCP Museum-3

And it’s a happy place really: it doesn’t confront you with political ideology or history, just puts things from old motorbikes and gas masks to perfume bottles and kitchenware and boxes of condoms and arcade machines and cameras and dolls and military uniforms and guns and a thousand other things out there for you to interact with. Parts were semi-arranged like a kitchen or a bedroom dresser, and it was exciting to open drawers and pull out packets of stockings or rolls of film.

CCCP Museum-5

We mucked around with the military uniforms a bit.

CCCP Museum-14 CCCP Museum-1 CCCP Museum-2

According to my brother, the first rule of gun handling is to never let me near a gun. Even unloaded and non-functional, as it’s still basically a big metal club. Apparently.


So for some reason Russian women are born looking like models and knowing how to pose like them. They always seem to manage to look sexy and aloof and so on, and it bloody comes naturally to them. Here’s my attempt to look Russian. I’m putting it out there and calling it an abysmal failure. It turns out that posing isn’t my strong point.


We had a bit of fun with the cars and motorbike and little tractor-cart-thing.

CCCP Museum-12 CCCP Museum-13 USSR-3 CCCP Museum-6

There were some interesting posters behind the motorbike-tractor thing.

CCCP Museum-7

We found some very confusing things in the museum. I mean really, who’s seen a phone box lately? [Actually, last time I asked this in Melbourne I happened to be standing about two feet from one, but that aside they’re hardly common. Except on Collins St outside my old office.]

CCCP Museum-10 USSR-1

No one wanted to talk to us.

And this. Remember these? John was a little confused. It’s been a while.

CCCP Museum-11

While I’m sure that a lot of people would say that it’s still a political museum, it really seems like it’s there for your entertainment. It allows you to have a bit of fun with the physical remains of recent history. And maybe to give people either a reminder of their own childhood or lives decades ago, or a glimpse into the past and what maybe their parents grew up with – familiar toys, movie posters, radios, magazines, clothes and so forth. Whatever the purpose, it’s a lot of fun – whether you’re five or slightly older than that.


7 responses to “Back in the USSR… Hello Soviet Kitsch!

  1. This is rad! I haven’t had a chance to catch up on all your posts but which direction are you heading from where you are now? Further East? West?

    Also, just curious about your long term travels – do you budget per day or per location? I image you have a lot of money saved but do you work at all while you’re traveling? I want to do what you do, but I can’t event image how much money I would need to save to hit even half of countries you have. Keep it up, lady! 🙂

    • It sure was rad!

      I’m actually about to head home…as usual very far behind on my blog!

      I try to have a daily budget, but in practice tend to work more on a weekly basis. It also depends on location – of course some places are a lot more expensive, so when that’s the case I just reduce my budget in a cheaper city or country. I haven’t worked on any of my trips – my last long one I had a very, very tight budget. It’s easy to do on an open-ended trip, as the more you want to stay away the easier it is to keep reducing your budget. It’s well worth it – and if you have a bit of debt when you come home, it will be worth it! Some opportunities are hard to pass up!

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