A Lazy Day around Hong Kong Island

HK Island-4

We’d explored around the city on the Kowloon side a little, but hadn’t seen much of the other side of Hong Kong Island – Admiralty, Causeway Bay and so forth. So we took the metro to Wan Chai Station in time for lunch – there was a restaurant John wanted to visit called Old Bazaar Kitchen. The prices on their dinner menu were a little crazy however fortunately their simpler lunch menu, of noodle and rice dishes, was far more budget-friendly. While I enjoyed a reasonably mild yellow curry, John ordered what turned out to be the spiciest thing he’d ever eaten. It was a noodle soup, with flat noodles, chicken and Sichuan chilli. A giant chilli perched menacingly on top, daring you to try it.


He was sweating and red after about the second spoonful. The menacing chilli was quickly discarded.

We wandered around a few streets, checking out little temples and just meandering around. We were more interested in the streets themselves and the little alley markets that sprung up between buildings. John wanted to take some pictures of the mechanic shops, but claimed the men working there kept looking at him.

HK Island-2

HK Island-1

I did like this sign at one of the temples, though. Thanks for the warning!

More exciting was the double-decker tram trip we took from somewhere around Wan Chai until it ended at the Western Market. It cost about 2 HKD and we of course went up to the top, where at first all the old wooden seats were occupied with small children. Fortunately they got off a few stops later – John couldn’t actually stand up straight as Hong Kong isn’t made for giants.

HK Island-5

A rather tasty raspberry cheesecake and a disappointing Tiramisu later and we discovered that there was a geocache hidden at the Western Market, and I wanted to find it. Our previous geocaching attempts in Hong Kong had been thwarted by a GPS that didn’t work, lack of wifi and the fact that the cache was missing anyway. For those who are unfamiliar with geocaching, it’s kind of like a worldwide GPS treasure hunt, where you find hidden caches, sometimes with items to swap or trackable objects, other times just a log to sign. This one was a little one, that was hidden ‘between the darkness and the light’. We narrowed the location down and walked up a bunch of stairs, where John eventually found it – a bottle cap painted black and stuck underneath a bracket with a magnet.

HK Island-6

Stuart was not actually very helpful on this mission.

We took the Star Ferry over to Tsim Sha Tsui to visit the promenade and the ‘Avenue of Stars’. I must admit that, given the stars were all Chinese movie stars, the only name I recognised was Bruce Lee. There was supposed to be another cache hidden around one of his monuments [there are two] but all the searching in the world failed us. The number of people hanging around didn’t exactly help either.

HK Island-7

HK Island-8

Still, the view was pretty incredible.


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