A New Adventure Begins: Hong Kong – And Not Alone

mong koi

Despite not having ever caught up on blogging my last trip, I’ve started a new one. And this time I’m not alone – I’m traveling with my boyfriend John, which will likely present a whole new set of challenges!

And this new adventure begins in Hong Kong, a grand total of three days ago.

We left Melbourne just after midnight on July 7, 2013. The flight was uneventful. I fell asleep, albeit uncomfortably, almost immediately after dinner. John, significantly less comfortable given he’s somewhat taller than me, is apparently unable to sleep on planes and so undoubtedly endured a much longer trip to Kuala Lumpur than I did. A quick transit in KL and we were onto another plane to Hong Kong. Clearly I’m practised at sleeping on planes, as I was out like a light once again leaving John to his own devices. And so it was that upon arrival in Hong Kong I was sore but awake, and John was exhausted.

Hong Kong-1

We took the A21 bus to Mong Kok, where our hostel [the most expensive bloody hostel I’ve ever stayed in, and little more a shoebox room too] was located on the 14th floor of a busy apartment complex. I don’t think John had ever seen such a tiny bathroom, with the shower over the toilet and barely enough room to turn around in. Still, the air-conditioning works and after 15 minutes on the streets of Hong Kong this was all too appreciated.

Looking down from our hostel...

Looking down from our hostel…

Our first afternoon was rather lazy, with John, not having slept in about 36 hours, quite exhausted and me not far behind. We got out to wander the streets though – walking down the shopping strips of Mong Kok heading towards Temple St Market. We were too early for that, and too late to visit the nearby Tin Hau Temple. They closed the gates behind us before kicking us out. The humidity was busy sucking the last vestiges of energy we had, and we soon decided that dinner and an early night was needed.

We found a small restaurant on the outside of the Ladies’ Market with a handy picture menu, and by about 7.30 we were back in our room and ready for bed. Not the most exciting of days, but definitely the start of many adventures!


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