Spellbinding Snow-Covered Cappadocia

Our last day in Goreme felt like a gift – when we awoke in the morning, we found that it had been snowing all night and was still going. And so we were pleased that we had nothing planned for the day.

With our warm coats on and umbrellas open – it was still snowing – we decided to spend time just wandering around the town before walking out in the direction of the Open Air Museum to tramp around the fairy chimneys in the valley before it in the snow. It was truly beautiful.

On the way through town we acquired a very loyal companion – a scruffy white dog who hung around the hostel [but no one owned] – who insisted on following us for the entire day. Without consulting any nearby imagination, we called her Shaggydog. We were also adopted, but only temporarily, by a number of cats who seemed to want nothing more than cuddles and a ride on a shoulder. This may have something to do with the fact that the snow was freezing their little pink paws.

Out past the town, in the valley, the landscape under snow was simply breathtaking. We thoroughly enjoyed exploring the terrain, so instantly different to the previous days, watching carefully where we stepped as the snow covered holes and shrubs and rocks alike. We walked through what appeared to be someone’s orchard, and climbed hills to get the best views of the fairy chimneys dotted through the valley. There’s something magical about walking in the snow, variously using umbrella as an umbrella or a walking stick. Peering through the snow-laden branches of barren, leafless trees, catching snowflakes only to watch them melt, stepping knee-deep into piles of snow and watching my black jeans turn white – it was a wonderful morning.


3 responses to “Spellbinding Snow-Covered Cappadocia

  1. OHHH Cat. How beautiful—especially in snow.Lots of pictures of the place, but none in snow!

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