Apologies for the delay…

I’m a little behind… But wifi in India appears to be very sporadic! So it might take me longer to catch up, but catch up I shall. I’m currently guesting in a friend-of-a-friend’s house so must focus on being a good guest first. It’s a hard life sometimes!


8 responses to “Apologies for the delay…

  1. India! Sounds awesome, enjoy! Can’t wait to hear your stories. How long are you planning on traveling there and do you have an route worked out yet?

    You’ve already convinced me to see Eastern Europe and Turkey, now throwing India into the mix is just going to confuse my travel plans, hehe 🙂

    • I do my best to sow confusion wherever I go! But why stop at Eastern Europe and Turkey? There’s a whole damn world out there just waiting for you to explore it!
      I plan to be in India for three months – the original plan was four or five but unfortunately the consulate in Istanbul only gave me a 3 month, non-extendable visa. There may have been some stomping down the stairs on the way out after I failed to convince the consul to grant me a longer visa… I don’t have much of a route figured out; I’m making it up as I go. We’ll see how that works out!

      • You don’t have to convince me that there is a great big beautiful world out there!

        Have fun in India! No doubt the stomping has caused the consulate to rethink their policies. I guess this just means you’ll be in Southeast Asia in 3 months.

  2. Hey so you are in India at the moment?! I am hoping to go to Delhi in July and spend some time travelling around. I plan to travel with my friend but I may do some travelling on my own. I am a little afraid though as I look younger than I am! Is India safe enough?! I would love any tips you have to offer and any must-see destinations!

    • Yes, I’ve been here almost a week now but only in Delhi. So far India seems safe enough, and lots of people travel here every year – with friends or alone. I’ve found that travelling alone is generally a lot safer than people imagine it to be. I haven’t seen too much of the country yet, but I would say don’t spend too much time in Delhi. I’m staying with some friends here which is why I’ve been here so long, but you can see all the sights worth seeing in a couple of days. I’ll catch up to blogging about India soon hopefully! But my first tip for you would be to not bring too much with you. India is very cheap and there are so many things that you’ll want to buy!

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