Curious about Dubrovnik? Walk the City Walls…

The highlight of my couple of days in Dubrovnik was definitely walking the city walls. Dubrovnik’s Old Town – a beautiful white orderly labyrinth of narrow streets and steep staircases – is enclosed by rather high fortified walls, and for the sum of 70 Kuna [about $11] you can walk along them and view the city and its surroundings from above. Dubrovnik is at its most beautiful from this side, in my humble opinion.

The total length of the walls is about two kilometres, and yet it took me around three and a half hours to walk the whole thing. Not because I’m incredibly lazy [which I kind of am, at least sometimes], but because I was taking my time. Damnit, I paid 70 Kuna to walk the walls and I was going to get my money’s worth! It doesn’t sound like a lot of money, but when you’re on a tight budget $11 is a lot to spend on a sight. It was worth every cent, and I truly believe that if you forgo the city walls while in Dubrovnik you are missing out. I was lucky, too – the morning I went was warm and sunny, with a beautiful blue sky. It was a nice change from all the rain, and given the time of year I had the walls almost to myself; I saw only one other person while I was up there. Don’t expect that in summer though!

I may have gone a little overboard with taking photos up on the walls. The problem is that virtually everywhere you look is amazing, from looking into yards filled with clementine trees covered in fruit to people strolling the streets to the silhouetted skyline to the beautiful churches and old palaces. How could I resist?

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2 responses to “Curious about Dubrovnik? Walk the City Walls…

  1. Again, beautiful pictures! (I love it how the sun light falls to those buildings to give the glowing effect and leave the shadow to the other part of the town).

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