Raki and Very Fresh Fish in Canakkale

We visited a little restaurant by the port our first night in Canakkale, and it was quite entertaining.

While I don’t like fish, Mum loves it and the temptation of fresh fish was too much to resist. I don’t believe she anticipated the fresh fish to be so fresh that they were still kicking in their little shallow bucket of water. The chef, an older man, grabbed Mum’s arm to take her to choose her fish, and when a strong healthy fish took umbrage to her selection and flapped itself out of the bucket and into the air she let out an almighty scream of surprise and shock. Of course the man thought that this was the funniest thing to have ever happened and everyone was in hysterics.

Having picked her fish, Mum was having doubts. It was still alive, and it was going to be killed just for her. She was worried that she was doing a horrible thing, until I reminded her that she likes to go fishing and has no trouble catching, killing and cleaning fish herself. Apparently it turned out to be pretty tasty.

Mum had said that after a six-hour bus trip she needed something alcoholic to drink and so I decided that she needed to try raki. Being a terrible daughter, I told her that it was just a shot…knowing otherwise. Two tall glasses came out, filled halfway with crystal clear raki, and a bottle of chilled water. I topped up the raki with water, turning it nice and cloudy, and handed one to Mum. A little horrified by the size of it and the strong smell of aniseed [neither of us particularly like aniseed], she reluctantly followed my sneaky instructions and downed the glass. I sipped at mine, as did the other patrons in the restaurant. Mother was not particularly happy with me for telling her she had to down the glass, however she did promptly order a second, before then ordering cocktails. Given that Mum’s a bit of a lightweight I was a little concerned that I might have to carry her back to the hotel, but thankfully she did manage to walk. We had a good night with a lot of laughs – what more can you ask?



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