Topkapi Palace in Pictures

This was my second visit to Topkapi Palace, and I was mostly interested in the details – the painted domes, the beautiful tiling and so on.

This was Mum’s first visit to Topkapi Palace and she went a little crazy over all the mosaics and the stained glass windows and the mother-of-pearl inlaid doors and, well, pretty much everything. The most entertaining thing of it all for me was that, as I’ve previously mentioned, she kept on calling the Sultan’s Harem ‘Satan’s’ Harem. She’s pretty good at mixing things up. [A few other funny mistakes she’s made is calling Ephesus ‘Oedipus’, calling sarcophagi ‘oesophaguses’ and the god Priapus ‘Bokaboo’. I still can’t figure out the last one at all.]

So it took quite some time to get through the entire palace and the harem. Once we were out of the Harem, we decided to visit the Treasury. Now, I’m not the world’s most patient person and like most people I don’t particularly enjoy waiting in long lines. However, I was willing to do so as a] the Treasury has some pretty cool stuff and b] there was a line to get in. One of the things that really pisses me off is when some people decide that they’re too good to wait in line like everyone else and try to push in, cutting out 80% of the queue. An entire family decided that they were going to try to do this directly in front of me. I wasn’t having a bar of it. The first time the woman tried to push in front [the line was packed] I moved forward even closer to the person before me. When she and her husband tried again, I pointed at the queue and told them to get in line like everyone else. When they persisted, trying again to physically push in front I spoke to them rather rudely and shoved them out. Sure, it may not have been mature but it really pisses me off that I’ve stood in line for more than 20 minutes and they think I’m just going to let them jump in front. Not happening. They gave up on getting in front of me and Mum, but managed to get in behind us. [I gave them a few good elbows though, so I felt better about it. Selfish pricks. It’s nice to know they’re teaching their kids to be courteous and wait in line like everyone else.] I don’t know that the people behind were too happy about it, but unlike me they put up with it.

Other than the family of line-jumpers, Topkapi Palace was pretty good. It’s a crazy place and it’s unreal to see how the Sultan and entourage lived. I think it’s safe to say that it was good to be king!

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4 responses to “Topkapi Palace in Pictures

  1. Beautiful mosaics—amazing photos.Better and better,if that is posible.Mum must be in Heaven!—-even of she thinks Satan resides there.

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