Warning/Apologies: An Interference with my Blog!

Just a quick warning/apology for the fact that my posts are currently jumping around a little chronologically. I’m not actually zipping back and forth between Turkey and other countries.

You can blame my mother for this. She’s being incredibly bossy and insisting that I put up posts about our adventures in Turkey. However, given I’m already a month behind I didn’t want to do that so we’ve compromised and I’m doing both – a post about Turkey, and then a post about wherever I was up to before she started interfering! I think she thinks that if I’m recording everything she doesn’t have to. [It could also be that everyone at home wants to keep up with what she’s doing on the other side of the world.]

So, I hope it’s not too confusing. Although, if I deny her access to my computer, she’ll never know what I do…


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