A Brief Interlude: A Visit from From Home


Now, I’m still a little behind on my blog, and there’s the possibility that this might continue. Why? Because my wonderful mother decided to fly to Turkey to travel with me for a month. After me being on the road alone for seven months we’ve got a lot to catch up on. It’s also her very first time travelling outside Australia and to be honest I was surprised that she actually made it to Turkey. I was half expecting to find out she’d managed to get on the wrong plane and ended up in Argentina or somewhere far away. I met her at the airport this afternoon and she looked the backpacker, with backpack on and everything, while everyone else lugged along their fancy roller suitcases. I was very proud of her!

There’s also the possibility that I’ll be catching up more quickly, as she may be cracking the whip a little in that regard. 

What was almost as exciting as meeting my mum in a foreign country was that she’d obliged my list of requests [demands?] from home. It wasn’t terribly long – a few things from the chemist, Biore moisturiser with sunscreen, some shoes that are nice enough to go out in [if we go somewhere nice for a change, I worry they’ll take one look at my unbelievably scuffed ten-year-old red Doc Martens and deny us entry], a tube of Vegemite [only Australians will ever understand this] and bag full of Crunchie bars. I’d only asked for two, trying not to be too greedy, and was pleasantly surprised when I found significantly more than that. 

It’s funny the things you miss when you travel. I’d resigned myself to the fact that she would not be able to bring my fat black cat with her, and continued with my usual practice of befriendly strays. However, any chance I had to acquire Vegemite and Crunchies was going to be taken. I don’t even eat Vegemite all that often, but being unable to eat it, especially when I’m sick, made me really want it. The same goes for Crunchies. You can buy virtually every kind of chocolate bar in every country I’ve travelled too – except Crunchies. I’ve searched high and low for chocolate-coated honeycomb to no avail. I’ve been searching for them since thinking about them a few weeks after leaving Australia, but my cravings continued to be denied. Now I have to find a way to make them last more than two days – it might be another six or seven months before I come across any!

Anyway, as I’m behind it will be a while before I’ll be regaling you with tales of the adventures of Cat and Mum. Hopefully we’ll have plenty of adventures to write about!


16 responses to “A Brief Interlude: A Visit from From Home

  1. Hi Catherine, your blog is fantastic.

    Happy Birthday Great Aunty Bron. Who would have thought you would make it at your age.

    Catherine, forget about the vegemite, I hope Great Aunty Bron brought you some Pierrepoint Wine

    Happy and safe travels!

    • Thanks! No, mother did NOT bring me any Pierrepoint Wine! I’m guessing that my parents must have guzzled it all down. That seems exactly like something they’d do.
      I passed on your birthday wishes and can inform you that Great Aunty Bron had a wonderful birthday!

  2. Bronwyn, you look like an old hand…i mean a seasoned traveler…amazing you..one day in the drive way the next in some swish cafe! Were missing you already especially Oliver. Mind you big bad Scotty has been getting all the hugs…Pool is lovely and clean!

    Wish you both a Happy New Year.

    love from 57 Hume street

    • Don’t worry Tony, I only passed onto Mum the part where you said she looked old…
      Mum has been talking all about Oliver and how cute he is, and I can’t wait to meet him when I get home! Hope you have a wonderful New Year. Also, if you could teach Dad to cook while Mum’s over here I’m sure she’d be very appreciative! Hopefully the Masterchef apron has got him inspired…

  3. Yay Bronwyn,you did it! I’m so excited and thrilled for you.

    You look like a seasoned traveler already in your cosy jacket. What a fabulous sight, seeing you seated next to your gorgeous girl. Can’t wait to hear about all your adventures and see some pictures.

    It’s been 35 degrees today and we have been splashing around in your pool with the pickle, Scott is clearly very proud of you and so happy that you can both share this special time together.

    Have a fabulous New Year’s Eve and Day. We shall be having your family over for some lunch and I’ll make sure Scott eats some salad!

    Lot’s of love, Helen x

    • Hi Helen,
      I was so impressed when I saw Mum at the airport, in her coat and with her backpack on her back! I hear that she paraded it up the driveway to show you! However, she decided against taking your advice and ‘compromised’ on three pairs of pants. Me being a terrible daughter insisted that we were taking public transport rather than a taxi to the main bus station in Istanbul today [she said she wanted to see how I travel!] and so she had to carry her backpack a reasonable distance. I’m not sure if she’s regretting that extra pair of pants just yet…but she did carry the big bag of my chocolates and I suppose this was more likely to increase the weight of her pack than her jeans, so I shouldn’t judge just yet. At least, not until the chocolates have been eaten!
      I think Mum’s a little envious that you’ve all been splashing in the pool while she’s all rugged up in the cold of Turkey. However it’s safe to say she’s having a pretty good time and I think she’s pretty happy to be here. I swear she took about thirty photos of seagulls this afternoon!
      Mum’s been having some great adventures, although she was attacked by the cutest little fluffy kitten this morning and so I think she’s learning that feral cats are called feral cats for a reason.
      I’m sure she’ll have many stories when she gets home…if she can remember them. Don’t expect her to be able to name any of the places she’s been! I’m still trying to teach her to say ‘ISTanbul’ rather than ‘INstanbul!’

  4. SO HAPPY FOR BOTH OF YOU!!!! aLSO YOU BOTH LOOK MARVELLOUS!! Bron will go anywhere ,now , Cat .wonderful weeks ahead.Hooray!!! Ro. George. xx

  5. That’s a great photo of you and your mum! So cool! And I can DEFINITELY understand your cravings for Vegemite and Crunchies. I would have added: Twisties (both cheese and chicken), Natural Confectionery Company gummi lollies, Minties, and Red Frogs. Love those. Great – now I am craving it all. Oh, and Freddo’s and Caramello koalas. Happy New Year!

  6. Wow, that’s nice that you can bond with your mom and have a month of lovely travel memories together.

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