Plodding around Plovdiv…

…doesn’t take much time. The town is not so big, and there’s really not all that much to see. I took in all the main sights within about three hours, and that was taking it slowly. There are some churches, some museums, some ruins, some old fortress walls, a mosque, an ancient Roman amphitheatre…and that’s basically everything. Here’s some pictures.

One thing I learned is that McDonald’s in Bulgaria has a special menu for the homeless:

…just kidding. It actually says ‘Novo’ or ‘new’, but I couldn’t resist. Even knowing what it said, it still made me giggle a little. Especially given it’s just toast and cheese.

My favourite place in Plovdiv was actually a restaurant, the name of which I’d forgotten. It was a two minute walk from the hostel with good service, good prices, an English menu with pictures and lamb shasliks that were simply to die for. I went there twice, and would happily return for another oversized meal of delicious tender lamb with a hearty shopska salad. The only thing I found disturbing was that the menu had more offal dishes than dishes made with actual meat. I’ve tried various organs [accidentally in Cambodia two years ago…it wasn’t what I meant when I ordered chicken] and can honestly say that I found them absolutely revolting. You couldn’t pay me to eat liver or lungs or heart or kidneys or anything other than ‘proper’ meat again. You could, however, entice me to take a few pictures of some of the offensive menu items.

Mainly because looking at them again made me giggle…albeit in a nauseated fashion. I know that most of the world eats these parts of animals, but I’m happy to stick to my conservative tastes when it comes to bits of dead things I’ll eat! Call me fussy.


9 responses to “Plodding around Plovdiv…

  1. The photos are breathtakingly beautiful—especially as I haven’t been there.Yay for the HOBO’s of this world.Had me fooled for a moment.Ro.x

  2. You made me laugh all the way through this post! For a tiny town, you took some great photos. Loved the first six or so especially, and hey – a normal looking church again 🙂 And the token street art/graffiti too. How hilarious – the HOBO. I actually thought you were serious for a second as I can read the menu item and I thought – “oh, is toasted cheese sandwich really cheap if you’re homeless?” haha! On a final note, I am totally up for trying all of the innards – tripe, liver, brain. Mum’s fault! Or maybe I watch too much Andrew Zimmern. GREAT post :))

    • Thanks! It was quite a pretty town. And you know I just can’t help getting some graffiti in there somehow! I haven’t tried tripe – and in Romania they’re in love with tripe soup. Sounds terrible to me. I don’t think I could bear eating brains. Something about eating the organ controlling everything, particularly thoughts and feelings, weirds me out. Even if the most the animal ever thought was ‘hey that grass over there looks tasty’ and ‘why does no one ever come back from that building?’

      • Even your reply to my comment is funny! Like I said, i blame my mum for introducing me to innards. She said that growing up in China, fried lambs brains and noodles was her favourite dish. Given that, she made it for me (and my brothers and sisters) so that we could experience a little bit of her childhood. And it wasn’t bad. And hey, Mario Batali prides himself on ‘peasant’ dishes, and charges well for them too. Bone marrow at his restaurant, Pizzeria Mozza in LA, cost $15 or so (I used to get bone marrow for free from the local butcher to feed my dog!) Such is the world today. (I dare you to eat something foreign and blog about it!) Keep up the great posts.

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