Sighișoara in Pictures


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4 responses to “Sighișoara in Pictures

  1. Lovely images from Sighișoara! So glad that you discovered tales from my Asian sabbatical so that I could enjoy yours…

    Sighișoara was one of my favorite spots while heading through Romania earlier this year. I really enjoyed walking up through the city’s covered wooden staircase, with a guitarist playing in the background. You captured the lovely clock tower quite well too!

  2. WOW, these are amazing , really beautiful night shots –love the old shop front with the skeletons and tacky souvenirs with yellow paint peeling from the walls and the orange chinese lantern flowers lying on a grave stone. You are one great photographer!! Also love the photo of the group of people standing along a cobbled blue stone path with the arch way above them and a lovely old house in the background .You make me want to go there.

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