Street Art Finds in Timişoara

I was happy to find a couple of great spots with interesting street art in Timişoara. I got quite excited as I was walking over a bridge on 20th December Boulevard and caught sight of the murals along the staircase walls of the underpass.

I also found a small street that boasted an interesting selection of smaller murals, all very brightly coloured, near Piata Unirii. I went through it in a taxi as I was coming back from Iulius Mall my first night [I didn’t feel like walking for half an hour in the dark and the rain]. I went back the next day, when the weather was much more pleasant.


7 responses to “Street Art Finds in Timişoara

    • I shall have to check it out! I do see a fair bit of crappy tagging, which I ignore as it doesn’t take much talent to scrawl ALCZ on a wall. I really like murals and stencils – I found some great stencils in Beograd today actually – but I haven’t seen too many posters or pasteups lately. I do like where you have the layers of advertising posters all ton an covered over though – there is a lot of that around. So much colour!

  1. Wow !! Amazing street art once again , love the yellow baby face and the little dragon with the red kissie lips.

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