Chersonesus Taurica

I visited Chersonesus Taurica – Херсонес – on my final day in Sevastopol. It’s on the outskirts of the city, on the coast, and the lady at the hostel told me that I could get a bus from Suvorova Square, five minutes walk from the hostel. What she didn’t tell me was that buses only come every 90 minutes. I was getting a little impatient standing on the side of the road waiting for a bus that didn’t come for 55 minutes. I was about to give up and get a taxi when finally, the bus pulled up and I hopped on.

Chersonesus is the remains of an old Greek city that was established in the sixth century BCE – so it’s been around for a while. An Orthodox cathedral, which unsurprisingly does not date back quite so far, sits in the centre of the Greek ruins and its golden dome is visible from just about everywhere there. It definitely was not the most impressive set of ancient ruins I’ve seen, but then I must admit I’ve been completely spoiled by the plethora of marvelous ancient sites throughout Turkey, Syria, Lebanon and Jordan. The location of Chersonesus on the shores of the Black Sea is what made it more spectacular for me – the rocky coastline with locals lazing about and seagulls eyeballing everyone was what I loved about the place.


6 responses to “Chersonesus Taurica

  1. Oh wow – the lack of info about the bus schedule (not surprised…!) Pity there was noone there waiting with you otherwise that could have been an awesome experience (like this one that i recently read about:

    Love the pics – especially of the newer gold domed church.
    Now when you go to one of the many russian restaurants in the world called ‘The Black Sea Restaurant’, you can say, “I’ve been there.”
    Great post! You had me laughing 🙂

    • Yes, I was getting a little frustrated watching dozens of buses go by! There were people there, but no one for more than about three minutes. I guess they knew a little more about the timetable than I did!
      Thanks for linking that article – that story was incredible. Who knows, maybe there’s a similar experience waiting for me. Although I must admit that I hope it won’t involve the freezing cold!

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