Age Discrepancy

I came to a disturbing realisation the other day when I was speaking with my little sister on Skype. She reminded me that my birthday was coming up and I would soon be turning 26.

Twenty-six? What? Of course she was right, and it’s not as though, thinking about it, I hadn’t realised I was currently 25. I celebrated my 25th birthday last year on a beach in Aqaba, Jordan, sipping cocktails and gorging myself on delicious free fruit that the waiter brought for me as a birthday gift. I’ll always remember the hordes of jellyfish that converged upon the pier and ruined my snorkelling plans – I didn’t feel like trying to swim through a mass of horrible stinging tentacles.

What I realised is that I’m in, or about to be in, the second half of my third decade. Am I almost ‘late twenties’?

I must have already been in some kind of denial about my age, as I realised that for the last six months of traveling I’ve been selecting the ’18 – 24′ age bracket when posting reviews for hostels I’ve stayed at. I swear that the deceit was accidental, but now I have to face the fact that at twenty five, I’m already lying about my age.


4 responses to “Age Discrepancy

  1. Since I turned the big 50, half a century, the letters have been arriving steadily in the mail box and I’m not talking about well wishes and birthday cards. No these are ” special letters” from the deafness foundation , the optometrists , the breast clinic with a free mammary testing appointment and a special little kit from the bowel cancer foundation enabling you to collect a sample and send it off somewhere to be screened. Can’t wait till I turn 51 and become anonymous again !!

    • Well, I suppose it’s nice that Australia tries to look after our oldies… Why not take advantage of it? After all they’ll forget about you soon enough. Then it will only be bills in the mail again, and the occasional postcard!

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