Curious about Wroclaw?

In many ways I found the main square in Wroclaw to be more beautiful than the main square in Krakow – although some people may consider that to be blasphemous. To start with, it was full of locals, not just tourists, so it felt more genuine. It was also smaller and so I felt it was easier to appreciate the amazing architecture. The colours of the buildings were more apparent and it seemed more ‘delicate’ somehow. Plus, the old town hall, renovated and enlarged and restored many times, is simply lovely. The fountains are lovely, there are trees and plenty of benches and it’s a great spot to sit and laze around reading a book.


It doesn’t hurt that there are a few little gnomes lurking around…


As usual, below is a slideshow of pictures that will hopefully give you an idea of what Wroclaw looks and feels like.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


I'm curious about your thoughts!

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